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Christopher Rew (B.Arch)

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You can be assured Chris Rew appreciates the huge emotional and financial investment involved when planning for your future lifestyle. Our thorough assessment of your personal requirements, available budget and resources, as well as the unique qualities of your chosen location, is the first step towards a well integrated design strategy.

We want to clearly understand you and help you create an elegant, sustainable home you are proud of, that can be easily adapted as your needs change, that you will love and grow with for many years to come. We hope you will remain an ongoing part of our TropEco* network.

Why Us

3 reasons to consider Chris Rew


TropEco* is an evolving network of designers, builders, suppliers and homeowners drawn together by a mutual passion to create homes and communities that embody sustainability principles, enhance the local environment, empower green lifestyle choices
We are dedicated to achieving this through a focus on designed simplicity and quality above quantity, doing more with less! Hence our …. “LIVING SIMPLY PROJECTS”

Modular Design

Our modularised approach to building design provides the flexibility necessary to suit a wide variety of sites and client requirements, without the cost and waste associated with custom designs.
It simplifies the design process, simplifies the construction process and reduces building costs. Our networked design, building and supply services, enables us to better co-ordinate and streamline the creation of affordable, sustainable housing..


TropEco* is much more than an elegant method of efficiently constructing timber dwellings.
It is also a design service that empowers homeowners with knowledge and skills.
It is an evolving resource of shared information amongst TropEco* customers, builders, suppliers and designers. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and keep informed about TropEco* developments and customer experiences.

Our Services

Chris Rew, your local expert in 'Ground Breaking'
Eco Design and Concepts


TropEco’s highly flexible and adaptable construction system means there are many options available from the start.
We can include co-ordinated design of carports, tanks, sheds, solar systems, pergolas and productive landscaping.
For those on larger blocks, this can include driveways, effluent treatment, etc.

Long Term Strategy

We can help you develop a long term strategy that honours current budget limits, and allows for future upgrades and additions.
We can assist you to understand the long term comfort and cost implications of external and internal finishes.
This level of integrated design and client care is usually only offered by high-end designers of fully customised projects.

Eco Friendly Design

Our evolving TropEco* network also integrates likeminded designers, suppliers and builders, so your project can be efficiently co-ordinated. Our shared passion is to create homes that support your decision to live more sustainably.
We look forward to you joining us..

Our Vision

Travel through some Concepts with us!

Concept Model 101

TropEco* Home with Double Garage.

Concept Model 102

TropEco* Linked Home.

Concept Model 103

TropEco* Twin Cabins and Car Port

3 Bedroom Home on Sloping Block

Completed TropEco Dwelling Wongabel Street Maleny Queensland.

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